Nasty Girl Against a Pink Wall

Is that title too provocative? I’m wearing a Nasty Gal dress, and I’m a girl who likes their stuff, so I guess that makes me a Nasty girl? And the wall is pink. All sounds pretty straight forward to me! Let’s move on. This dress lacks hanger appeal. Or, otherwise put, when you see it hanging, it looks like nothing you’d ever want to wear, unless you were feeling particularly bad about yourself, were following through on a dare, or you’re Tilda Swinton. Or, if you’re like me, you love a misfit and a little risk-taking. I looked past the dress’s frumpy exterior and saw the neoprene-y potential that lay beneath. Plus, there’s almost nothing that a belt can’t fix. I tried it on and fell in love with the bell skirt, streamlined seams, and structured body. When I wear this dress I feel at once terrifically “fashion” and decidedly smarter. I won’t begin to try and parse out why. I’ll leave the psycho-analytics to my beleaguered therapist and just rejoice in another stellar addition to my sartorial family.

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus NastyGal scuba dress front smile


Amanda Luttrell Garrigus NastyGal scuba dress crossed legs

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus NastyGal Scuba dress side view

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus NastyGal Scuba dress front view close

Festival Fetish

Coachella is in full swing! And I’m not there. Not for one day of it. Oh I did receive a few tempting invites (yes, that’s my way of saying “I’m still cool!”), but life in the mommy-hood can make disappearing into the desert look more like abandonment than the pursuit of sheer blissful abandon. Still, like so many others, I am feeling the spirit and thinking about music festival looks. Fringe, lots of bared skin, an ankle boot, probably a body chain, definitely a head piece. But this kind of prescriptive dressing has begun to feel a little, um, contrived. Less, “I’m beating to my own drum” and more “step in line”. More bogus than Boho. You get the point.

Don’t get me wrong. If you want to spot me at Coachella one year, just look for the flower crown. I’m not too proud! But here, for argument’s sake, a music festival look that incorporates none of the aforementioned! I say, if Queen Bey is wearing a long dress to Coachella then, damn it, so am I! I imagine I might wear this dress while breezing through the desert, or swaying with the crowds to some transporting music on a weekend to remember. What would you wear to a music festival? Or, if you’re actually en route, or in the middle of some enviable debauchery, how did you adorn your beautiful self? Please share! I promise to do the same. Next stop? Glastonbury! Now, where did I put those galoshes…?

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Long Grey Dress twirling

Amanda Luttrel Garrigus Long Grey Dress looking down

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Long Grey Dress Side Stepping

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Long Grey Dress looking up

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Long Grey Dress detail

Game Changer

Every now and then I’ll stumble across an item of clothing that is a game changer. I can wear it lots of different ways, and no matter how I style it, I always feel fierce. These gold shorts from Forever 21 have been with me for years and I’ve worn them almost like a staple whenever I’m going for maximum impact with the least amount of effort. I’ve worn them to a Nylon magazine issue release party and to a gallery opening hosted by Jeremy Renner (yes he’s super cute in person), to name just two. They are really comfortable, and the high waist makes them more interesting and modern than if they sat even just a little lower. Here I’ve paired them with a basic black tank from A/X Armani Exchange, a military jacket and a caged ankle boot from Dolce Vita. Somehow they always just work. Or werq. Depending on who you ask. The sparkle? Well, that just speaks for itself.

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus GOld Shorts Front Bent Knee

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Gold Shorts detail leaning

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Gold Shorts crossed legs standing

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Gold Shorts stork pose

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Gold Shorts and a Bicycle stand

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Gold shorts standing detail