Nautical Dress in Venice

Nautical dressing has always intrigued me. It conjours for me seaside picnics in Nantucket (a worthy pastime in which I have indulged), or summers in the Hamptons (where I’ve never been; alas, the dream is still alive). But all that longing for East Coast seaside civility had me neglecting the brilliant beach life just a hop skip and a jump from my front door in LA. So I decided to venture into the wilds of Venice with my cutout nautical-inspired dress, which I bought once upon a time at Urban Outfitters. I figure this dress suited the environ nicely. And, bonus, stripes are seriously on point just now. Would I wear this dress in Nantucket? Probably not, but here in the Wild West where hemlines might be shorter, and sartorial risk taking is almost a requisite, I think I fit right in.

nautical dress, cutout dress, Venice beach

blue and black striped dress, wedge sandal, nautical-inspired

nautical mini dress, blue and black stripe dress, short sleeve cutout dress

nautical dress, mini dress with cutouts

striped mini dress, short sleeve body con dress

Jogger Pants, Not for Jogging

Jogger pants had me baffled, until I found these. You see, as a fashion expert, I take staying on top of trends very seriously. Or at least I like to do it, a lot. And I will say with pride that there is nary a trend I won’t try at least once. But jogger pants? A trend? Admittedly I can be spotted, not infrequently, wearing workout clothes, to drop my kids off at school, to grocery shop, and occasionally even to exercise. But I was pretty convinced I would never be a jogger pant kind of girl. Enter these Brandy Melville numbers. They are made of a super soft, super lightweight, dare I say luxe fabric. The drape is wonderful and the cut perfection. I found my joggy match. I like them so much I dressed them up with my favorite sandal and moto jacket, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. (That means I think they look great.) Would you wear this trend?

Amanda Garrigus - Vegan Leather Moto Jacket

Amanda Garrigus - Zara Moto Jacket

Amanda Garrigus - Black Jogger Pants

Amanda Garrigus - Black Zara Moto Jacket

Amanda Garrigus - Black Strappy Sandals






DKNY Midi Skirt and some Extra Werq

A few days ago I was on the Extra set (read: on a stage in the middle of Century City mall) sporting a neoprene midi skirt with the lovely Renee Bargh, telling her, and TV viewers everywhere, all about panty hose! Now before your eyes roll back in your head and you scream at the heavens “Why did I click on this blog?!?!”, let me assure you, the models were cute, the outfits were too, and the tights were definitely worthy. And, even better than all that, my outfit was stellar! The lovely people at DKNY hooked me up and I thought it only fair to share some of the goodness with you. Navy blue laser cut crop top (notice I am not showing my belly… did I mention I have two kids?) and matching A-line midi skirt = LOVE. As for the pictures, well, my regular photographer, aka my sister Erica Luttrell, has a life, so we’ll have to make do with some dressing room selfies save for the first pic mercifully taken by the PR queen herself, Ali Lasky of Shadow PR. Enjoy!

With love, Amanda

Blue midi skirt, Midi skirt crop top set, EXTRA, Century City Mall, black ankle boot

Midi skirt outfit, DKNY laser cut skirt, laser cut midi skirt

DKNY, crop top, laser cut top, blue top, red lip

changing room selfie, short sleeve, laser cut top, a-line skirt