LBD With A Twist

LBD or Little Black Dress. It’s a quintessential part of any woman’s wardrobe, am I right? But sometimes black just isn’t enough. Did I just say that? Sacré bleu! Well it’s true, and I’m here to speak the truth. Sometimes a little nude twist can take that little black dress to the next oh so intriguing level. Witness this A/X Armani Exchange number. It’s black tulle twisted over a nude bodice and it’s my go-to for those moments when I don’t want to make an effort but I want to look like I did. Maximum impact for minimum input. The accessories, of course, are key. Here I’m toting a box clutch gifted to me by the bag’s designer, and one of my dearest friends, Cornell Collins. I’ve carried this puppy everywhere. I believe it was with me when I met the queen and king of England, aka Victoria and David Beckham. This not-so-basic clutch, with this not-so-basic dress is basically perfect. At least it is for me!

Amanda Garrigus - A/X Armani Exchange LBD

Amanda Garrigus - Armani Exchange Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Armani Exchange Mini Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Black Tulle Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Little Black Dress






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