Jogger Pants, Not for Jogging

Jogger pants had me baffled, until I found these. You see, as a fashion expert, I take staying on top of trends very seriously. Or at least I like to do it, a lot. And I will say with pride that there is nary a trend I won’t try at least once. But jogger pants? A trend? Admittedly I can be spotted, not infrequently, wearing workout clothes, to drop my kids off at school, to grocery shop, and occasionally even to exercise. But I was pretty convinced I would never be a jogger pant kind of girl. Enter these Brandy Melville numbers. They are made of a super soft, super lightweight, dare I say luxe fabric. The drape is wonderful and the cut perfection. I found my joggy match. I like them so much I dressed them up with my favorite sandal and moto jacket, and I think the pictures speak for themselves. (That means I think they look great.) Would you wear this trend?

Amanda Garrigus - Vegan Leather Moto Jacket

Amanda Garrigus - Zara Moto Jacket

Amanda Garrigus - Black Jogger Pants

Amanda Garrigus - Black Zara Moto Jacket

Amanda Garrigus - Black Strappy Sandals






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