Nautical Dress in Venice

Nautical dressing has always intrigued me. It conjours for me seaside picnics in Nantucket (a worthy pastime in which I have indulged), or summers in the Hamptons (where I’ve never been; alas, the dream is still alive). But all that longing for East Coast seaside civility had me neglecting the brilliant beach life just a hop skip and a jump from my front door in LA. So I decided to venture into the wilds of Venice with my cutout nautical-inspired dress, which I bought once upon a time at Urban Outfitters. I figure this dress suited the environ nicely. And, bonus, stripes are seriously on point just now. Would I wear this dress in Nantucket? Probably not, but here in the Wild West where hemlines might be shorter, and sartorial risk taking is almost a requisite, I think I fit right in.

nautical dress, cutout dress, Venice beach

blue and black striped dress, wedge sandal, nautical-inspired

nautical mini dress, blue and black stripe dress, short sleeve cutout dress

nautical dress, mini dress with cutouts

striped mini dress, short sleeve body con dress

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