LBD With A Twist

LBD or Little Black Dress. It’s a quintessential part of any woman’s wardrobe, am I right? But sometimes black just isn’t enough. Did I just say that? Sacré bleu! Well it’s true, and I’m here to speak the truth. Sometimes a little nude twist can take that little black dress to the next oh so intriguing level. Witness this A/X Armani Exchange number. It’s black tulle twisted over a nude bodice and it’s my go-to for those moments when I don’t want to make an effort but I want to look like I did. Maximum impact for minimum input. The accessories, of course, are key. Here I’m toting a box clutch gifted to me by the bag’s designer, and one of my dearest friends, Cornell Collins. I’ve carried this puppy everywhere. I believe it was with me when I met the queen and king of England, aka Victoria and David Beckham. This not-so-basic clutch, with this not-so-basic dress is basically perfect. At least it is for me!

Amanda Garrigus - A/X Armani Exchange LBD

Amanda Garrigus - Armani Exchange Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Armani Exchange Mini Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Black Tulle Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Little Black Dress






Military Shirt Civilian Short

Ok it’s a painterly top that’s cropped in the back and knotted in the front, therefore no one on active duty in the military would ever wear it, but, some of the details are in homage. Take the shoulder epaulets and the front patch pockets. Um, alright, that’s where the similarities end. But there is still so much to love! For example, when I wear this I feel like an artist, or an artist’s girlfriend who got covered in paint while…ehm, helping her boyfriend with his latest canvas. Let your imaginations run wild. I know I do! And the denim short, well, by now you know I love them. As soon as the weather warms enough, you’ll find me traipsing all over LA in these little numbers. At least while the sun is still up. At night, that’s a whole different ballgame. The black hobo bag with the gold tassels takes the look down the road Luxe, and the Dolce Vita sandals add a level of sophistication. How would you wear this shirt??

Amanda Garrigus - Denim Shorts

Amanda Garrigus - Joe's Jeans Military Top

Amanda Garrigus -  Joe's Military Shirt

Amanda Garrigus - Shirt Epaulet

Amanda Garrigus -  Joe's Bleached Top






Tulle Dress Tulle Skirt

I love a tulle skirt as much as the next (formerly or currently) Carrie Bradshaw-obsessed girl. But I don’t own one. What I do own is this amazing black and nude tulle dress by Lanvin for H&M. So I did what any self-respecting fashion-savvy girl would do and I DIY’d my way into the fluffy, flouncy skirt of my latent Sex and the City dreams. Admittedly, there was a lot of fabric to squeeze under this tiny top but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a belt can answer almost any fashion question. I paired the look, both ways, with my current fav vegan leather strappy sandals and voila! I’m ready to be splashed by dirty water unleashed by a passing city bus! Or, even better, sashay my way across a room (preferably one where there are passed hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and chic guests) with confidence and swagger. Do you own a tulle skirt? Share your pics with me! I’d love to see.

With love, Amanda

Amanda Garrigus - Black and Nude Tulle Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Lanvin for H&M

Amanda Garrigus - H&M for Lanvin

Amanda Garrigus - Black Tulle Skirt

Amanda Garrigus - Tulle Skirt Black Top