White Jumpsuit Speaks Volumes

A white jumpsuit speaks for itself really. It says, “I’m ready to go with you to paint that white wall!” Or maybe, “I’m not doing any dirty work at all today.” Or perhaps it’s saying, “take me for a walk, I’m cool!” I don’t really know what my white jumpsuit is saying, I just know that when I wear it I feel like I’m making a statement. It might not seem like a bold choice, but I challenge you to wear one and not feel like you stand out. Here I’m wearing a nice example of the genre from one of my favorite denim brands, Joe’s Jeans. Full disclosure, I live next door to founder Joe Dahan’s mom. Neighborly associations aside, the white jumpsuit is a trend that’s gathering steam this season so why not take it for a spin?

Amanda Garrigus - White Jumpsuit

Amanda Garrigus White Joe's Jeans Jumpsuit

Amanda Garrigus - White Jumpsuit by Joe's Jean

Amanda Garrigus - White Jumpsuit detail

Amanda Garrigus - White Jumpsuit


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