Yellow Dress Bring on the Sunshine

If you wear a brightly colored dress, you can’t be sad. I don’t mean it’s not allowed, I just mean it’s not so easy to feel down when your dress is so… up! So, when all else fails and you’re not feelin’ it, carry the sunshine around with you in the form of a bright color and a confidence building silhouette. Take this yellow A/X Armani Exchange dress from a few seasons back. When I threw it on the sky was overcast and my mood was too. But, like Clark Kent’s Superman unitard, the right wardrobe can make a person feel almost invincible. Case in point, the last time I wore this dress was to an art opening Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure what the night had in store, but in the end it was a dazzling evening to remember, and I like to think my sunshiny little dress had something to do with it.

Amanda Garrigus - Yellow Mini Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Armani Exchange Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Strapless Yellow Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Strapless Mini Dress


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