Blue Jeans White Shirt

The classic blue jean. There’s nothing like it. It’s the wardrobe staple to end all wardrobe staples. It could be the tie that binds us all together in fashionable love and harmony, across political lines, racial divides, geographical borders. Maybe the key to empathy and understanding, the secret to world peace, can be found in our shared love of denim. Or maybe they just make our butts look cute. Either way I’m on board. This distressed pair of Joe’s Jeans are my new absolute favorites. Declarative Sidebar: I swear I don’t earn a red cent for all this bloggy Joe’s love, thanks in part to my commitment to editorial integrity and my lack of business acumen. But if someone wants to throw money at me I won’t fight them. Now back to the jean… they’re a high waisted, light washed, wide legged bunch of goodness and they make me feel gorgy* no matter how my weight fluctuates (thank you lycra stretch). I finished the look with my Topshop hat, a simple white lace tank, some wood beaded bracelets and pair of ASH wood platform sandals. What’s your favorite denim right now?

Amanda Garrigus - Distressed Denim

Amanda Garrigus - Fedora and Jeans

Amanda Garrigus - Joe's Jeans

Amanda Garrigus - White lace tank top

Amanda Garrigus - Wood Platform Shoe

*Sometimes I use words that the dictionary doesn’t recognize, like this one, gorgy, an extension of gorg which is a contraction of gorgeous… moving on and waiting for Webster’s to catch up.

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