A Sparkly LBD

First things first, and forgive me if this elicits an eye roll from the seasoned stylistas among you, but a LBD = Little Black Dress. Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s mix things up with a LNSBBD. Have I stumped you now?! That’s a Little Not-So-Basic Black Dress, and granted, it’s a term no one, save me, has ever or likely will ever use, I think it’s apropos today’s look. Sparkles are, after all, anything but standard issue. They have the power to captivate and to lift spirits. I promise. You just have to believe. Here’s a true story… The last time I wore this little dress I was looking forward to meeting an old friend that was very dear to me, and then they didn’t show up. But the dress sure did! Lest you cry for me (Argentina or any other wonderful nation), I salvaged the night and wound up making a few new friends. That’s what sparkles can do for you. They turn frowns upside down, they make the mundane more marvelous. (I love a good alliteration.) So pocket these words of wisdom… when you need a little extra insurance on a potentially wobbly night out, let sparkles be your guide.

Amanda Garrigus v-neck mini dress

Amanda Garrigus Sparkly Little Black Dress

Amanda Garrigus Dolce Vita bootie

Amanda Garrigus Black Sparkly LDB

Alexa Chung for AG and Me

Alexa Chung is cool and I am not. But it’s ok, I’m good with it. I’m goofy and overly precise, I laugh and smile a lot and I’m ever and always trying to figure out the etymology of words like “bae” and “on fleek” which, according to my 12-year-old daughter, aka my walking Urban Dictionary, is no longer de rigueur — another term I’m guessing anyone under 30 isn’t using. Ok, under 35, and that’s as high as I’ll go people! If I may continue passing on the wisdom of my preteen… Things are now “fire” or “goals”. But in spite of my lack of cool, I still occasionally stumble upon a nut, like the blind squirrel of my father’s old adage. And here you see, I’ve come up on top with a super cute tee from Alexa Chung’s collab with AG. Did I initially think it said “scared monster” and did I then feel bad for said monster? Yes, but I recovered my wits and got busy pairing the long sleeve shirt with my Topshop skirt and my Urban Outfitters shoe. Success! I might even fool you into thinking I’m cool.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus - Alexa Chung for AG

Amanda Garrigus - Alexa Chung tee Topshop skirt

Amanda Garrigus - Sacred Monster tee

Amanda Garrigus - Sacred Monster t-shirt

I Love Cutout Dresses (and you should too)

I have owned this mustard yellow Rachel Pally cutout dress for ages, and I am happy to say that it has stood the test of time. I bought it at one of Rachel’s then-famous sample sales in her lovely home back in the early days of her empire-building. When I scooped up the super-soft jersey frock I was ten years younger (and lither). Back then the dress piqued my interest for its successful balancing act between revealing and demure. Cutout sides meet knee-length skirt. And it still catches my eye for all the same reasons. As simple as this dress is, it’s far from basic, and while I love a good wardrobe staple, I love a little peek-a-boo surprise too. Don’t you? Couldn’t help myself there. I’ll cut it out now. 😉

With love,


Amanda Garrigus - Yellow Rachel Pally Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Rachel Pally Yellow Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Rachel Pally cutout dress

Amanda Garrigus - Rachel Pally Cutout Dress