Red, White and Blue

Denim shorts? Check. Something red, something white, something blue? Check. A casual “I’m ready for a beer, or a bbq or both” attitude? Check! Well then, happy Independence Day! Yes, today’s look is brought to you by our forefathers and their foresight and in homage of the July 4th holiday. (Abs brought to you by good old fashioned sweat equity, and a little wardrobe finagling.) Here’s hoping your day is filled with family, and fun, and equal parts raucous good times and quiet reflection. Okay, maybe go a little heavier on the raucous part. I’ll be ogling fireworks from a yet-to-be-determined perch and raising a glass to our nation and all the opportunities, rights and freedoms we enjoy. This is no time to focus on the negative, people. So, suit up in your best patriotic duds and let the celebrating begin. I’m wearing a shirt by Stitch’s, a boyfriend tank from American Eagle, shorts from Joe’s and my wedge sneaks are from Urban Outfitters. Cheers!

Amanda Garrigus - Denim Shorts

Amanda Garrigus - Plaid Shirt

Amanda Garrigus - White Wedge Sneakers

Amanda Garrigus - Red Plaid Shirt

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