A Summer Dress

There is something so evocative about a dress meant only for summer. Effortless silhouettes encouraging gentle breezes to pass through lightweight cotton. Ahhhh. They make me want to stroll through fields of yellow gold and then fall backwards into the waving grass to eat grapes from my lover’s hands. Or picnic in the bucolic countryside with my beautiful daughters frolicking around me. Or both! You get the picture. Yes, when I wear this nearly-vintage dress from Diabless, a brand loved and lost, I feel like a happy combination of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charlotte Rampling. Here I’ve paired my diaphanous dress with a hand chain from Forever 21 and a golden gladiator sandal, though it goes just as well with bare feet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go frolic in the summer sun.

Amanda Garrigus - Whimsical Summer Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Diabless Cotton Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Cotton lace dress

Amanda Garrigus - babydoll dress


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