Crochet Swimsuit Just Add Water

We’re hot and heavy into the thick of summer and I figured it was high time I got my swimsuit on. Plus Miami Swim Week is getting underway and I’m feeling in the mood to drop trou and catch some rays. Notice there isn’t any water near me. This is because I’m wearing a crochet swimsuit, and, in spite of the lovely designer of said suit’s assurances otherwise, I’m not convinced this one piece wouldn’t slip right off after a solid plunge. So for the time being I’ll traipse through some greenery and share this cool-girl trend with you. The suit, appropriately called “Down the Garden Path” is by Australian designer Lisa Maree. (How is it that Aussie girls are so gorgeous and ever-beach-ready?). You can snap one up here, and if you do, let me know how it fared against the waves, and I’ll let you know when I’m ready to dive in. Deal?

Amanda Garrigs - Crochet Swimsuit

Amanda Garrigus - Lisa Maree Swimwear

Amanda Garrigus - Berry-colored swimsuit

Amanda Garrigus - Lisa Maree Crochet Monokini


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