Overall Shorts Goals

I tend to fixate on things, like ice cream, travel destinations, this blog, and lately, overall denim shorts. Sitting on the sidelines I’ve been watching a parade of cuties sashay by in their usually loose-fitting versions, so I figured my foray into the world of the bibbed beauties would take a slightly different turn. Enter these stretch denim puppies which I snapped up at H&M and then paired with a Nasty Gal top and gold Superga sneaks. The fit is pretty tight, which is just about how I feel when I wear them. Needless to say the humble denim overall has come a long way from its utilitarian beginnings to its current status as a cool girl staple. Yes, I’ve got a whole lotta respect for a garment that can go from the fields of the Midwest to the streets of the Meatpacking District without missing a beat. Ok, maybe I wouldn’t wear these exact ones to till the fields, but you get the picture. Do you have yours yet?

Amanda Garrigus - H&M Denim jumpsuit

Amanda Garrigus - denim jumpsuit H&M

Amanda Garrigus - Light Washed Overalls

Amanda Garrigus - Denim Short Jumpsuit H&M

Crochet Swimsuit Just Add Water

We’re hot and heavy into the thick of summer and I figured it was high time I got my swimsuit on. Plus Miami Swim Week is getting underway and I’m feeling in the mood to drop trou and catch some rays. Notice there isn’t any water near me. This is because I’m wearing a crochet swimsuit, and, in spite of the lovely designer of said suit’s assurances otherwise, I’m not convinced this one piece wouldn’t slip right off after a solid plunge. So for the time being I’ll traipse through some greenery and share this cool-girl trend with you. The suit, appropriately called “Down the Garden Path” is by Australian designer Lisa Maree. (How is it that Aussie girls are so gorgeous and ever-beach-ready?). You can snap one up here, and if you do, let me know how it fared against the waves, and I’ll let you know when I’m ready to dive in. Deal?

Amanda Garrigs - Crochet Swimsuit

Amanda Garrigus - Lisa Maree Swimwear

Amanda Garrigus - Berry-colored swimsuit

Amanda Garrigus - Lisa Maree Crochet Monokini


Spectator Sneakers and an Ode to Menswear

The Spring 2016 Menswear shows begin today in NYC and so I figured this was as good a time as any to put my pants on. Black stretch cigarettes from Forever 21 to be exact. And then I got to thinking as I got to dressing, that my views on men’s fashion are pretty black and white (see where I’m going with this?). I like it when men look polished, yes, but a little rough too. Considered but with enough laissez faire to make them mysterious. Masculine always, but with an intuitive sensitivity. Wait, I may or may not still be talking about clothes. Let’s regroup. Here I’ve paired my high-water trousers with a basic white tee from Gap, a bag from Big Buddha and, the piece de resistance, my Kenneth Cole spectator sneaks. (I couldn’t find mine online for you, but click here for a nice substitute.) The shoes, just like the men who used to wear them in the roaring twenties, bring just the right amount of flourish and intrigue.

Amanda Garrigus - Black & White Kenneth Cole Sneakers

Amanda Garrigus - White Gap T-shirt

Amanda Garrigus - Forever 21 Capri pants

Amanda Garrigus - Kenneth Cole Spectator sneakers