Parisienne Moment in a Lace Maxi Dress

I’m writing this post from Paris. In our rented pied-a-terre, currently snoozing after a full day of crepe and art hunting, are my husband and our two daughters, aka, the loves of my life. And as an added bonus, one of my very best friends in all the world is also with us. All of this has gotten me feeling pretty grateful. I am grateful for this lace dress, a Valentino meets Dolce & Gabbana by way of Zara blue maxi, and for my oldest daughter who, alongside a chorus of loving voices, insisted I shoot a look or two for this blog while in the City of Light (and then took the reigns again and acted as my photographer) when my martyr-half thought maybe I’d let it slide. And I’m grateful for you too. Thank you for visiting, reading and liking!  A bientot!

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Blue Lace Zara

Amanda Garrigus Blue Lace Zara dress

Amanda Garrigus Paris blue lace dress detail

Amanda Garrigus Zara blue lace

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