Layering for Fall

Amanda Garrigus denim shirt black skirt

When I lived in Toronto, which I did for most of my childhood (including my formative teen years), I loved the Fall. Let’s be clear, I loved the weather, not the imminent return to school. Yes those crisp, cool days when apples are sweeter, the air seems a little cleaner and people begin to feel a bit friskier. I loved it. Now I live in LA and though September is our hottest month, there is still a sense that a seasonal shift is afoot. And so, I begin to layer! I’m easing into it with a weather-appropriate lightweight chambray shirt and a flirty vegan leather skater skirt, both from Forever 21. I’ve tied it all together (see how I did that?) with a sweetly simple bow belt from Ted Baker. Et voila! A nod to Fall with due respect paid to the still-blissfully-warm sun. Next stop, sweater weather! Stay tuned.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Denim shirt pleather skirt

Amanda Garrigus belted denim shirt over black mini skirt

Amanda Garrigus forever 21 pleather skirt denim shirt

Amanda Garrigus denim shirt ted baker belt

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