Truth and Thigh High Boots

Amanda Garrigus Stella McCartney boots

I try to “own my power” and “beat to my own drum” and otherwise elevate myself to the standards set by a wide array of Twitter-friendly inspirational quotes. But sometimes I wander off into the reeds, as my dad would say. You see, I’m guilty of engaging in that great confidence-sapping mind game called comparison. I look around at my friends, (former) colleagues, and contemporaries and it’s hard not to measure my life against their’s and wonder if I’m falling short. If I’m seated second row at a fashion show, have I failed at life? Hmmm… This time-sucking activity (oh social media how I love/hate you!) can skew our collective perspectives and lead to things like trying to act cool; something at which I fail miserably. I know, I should know better. Alas, I’m only human. Thankfully there is a surefire cure for these self-doubting distractions and it’s called (say it with me), gratitude! So let me start by expressing my gratitude to you. Thank you for following along and sharing in my early adventures in the blogosphere. Let’s march forward together feeling grateful every single day for the many blessings in our lives. And in the immortal words of a one Rihanna “shine bright like a diamond”. Oh, and, it doesn’t hurt if you do it this season in a pair of killer thigh high boots. Mine are Stella McCartney.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Black Minidress Stella McCartney boots

Amanda Garrigus black Mock turtleneck dress

Amanda Garrigus Stella McCartney Boots

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