A Bodycon Dress or, Why I Work Out

Amanda Garrigus shimmer blue forever21 bodycon dress

It is not every day that I wear a bodycon dress. In fact, most days I prefer chocolate and pasta to bodycon. But, it so happens that lately I’ve been doing my Tracy Anderson meets Justin Gelband by way of YouTube workouts and so feeling the drive to leverage this window and wear a tight little something (before the chocolate and pasta win). The something I’m wearing here is an old Forever 21 dress. Incidentally one should never use the term “vintage” to describe something from Forever 21 no matter how long you’ve owned it. Just call it old like I did. It might not sound appealing but at least this way you will avoid offending your fashion savvy friends. But I digress. The dress is electric blue with a little sparkle, and it does what every self respecting bodycon dress does and demands attention. I think I’ll take her out for a spin. Care to join?

With love,


Amanda Garrigus bodycon dress

Amanda Garrigus bodycon dress with sparkles

Amanda Garrigus electric blue forever 21 bodycon dress

Amanda Garrigus blue bodycon dress

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