White Shirt White Shoe, Simple as That

Amanda Garrigus white tunic white shoe

Simplicity. I long for it. I strive for it. But in a world cluttered with blogs (yes, I said blogs, but I’m not admitting to being part of the problem…!), Instagrams, YouTube videos and Snapchats, each more overflowing with carefully curated images than the next, it’s not so easy. So when I can find a little calm in the middle of this social media storm, I’m grateful. Sometimes I think I ought to populate this blog with more stuff, and then I think, nah. This is a haven from the noise. A place where I can share honest truths, in small doses, with a handful of approachable images captured by my sister. And in a world of more, bigger, better, prettier, shinier, stylier ([style-ee-uhr]… this is an adjective I like to use meaning “more stylish”; Merriam-Webster does not acknowledge its existence…yet), what grounds us, what grounds me, is authenticity, not pageantry. This look is about as bare bones as they come. White cotton tunic from Forever 21 and a white pump from Aldo. Done. We really don’t need a lot to be happy, and it’s good to be reminded of that on occasion. In the end, it’s pretty simple.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Forever 21 white tunic White Aldo Pumps

Amanda Garrigus Forever 21 white shirt

Amanda Garrigus White Aldo Pumps

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