True Grit and a Platform Sneaker

Amanda Garrigus Black t-shirt and Black and White Platform Sneakers

A few nights ago I was lucky enough to attend the season two premiere screening and after party for the DirecTV show Kingdom. My hubby was a writer on the stellar drama last season and, because the cast and crew are a solid group of amazing human beings, we’ve happily stayed connected. The show is about family, and is set against the backdrop of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting. So, yeah, it’s gritty, and violent, intensely tumultuous and, hallelujah, exceptionally well executed all around. After the screening, as I flitted about with a glass of cab in my hand, a sparkly mini dress on my body, and a mischievous glint in my eyes, I got to thinking about what it means to be tough. Do I need to know how to roundhouse kick someone in order to qualify as badass? Or is grit something born of seeds more deeply sown? I won’t keep you in suspense, because naturally I have the answer. Let’s say it together, “seeds more deeply sown!”. That’s right, once I recovered from the ab-envy and my latent wannabe superhero fantasy, I realized again that tough is a state of mind, grit is something we can all dig down and uncover, and badass, well, you can find that in a pair of killer sneakers. (Like my fashionable segue?)  Whether you’re in a back alley or a boardroom you can, and should, kick ass (for the good guys of course) on the daily. Stay strong.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Black and White platform sneakers

Amanda Garrigus Platform Sneakers

Amanda Garrigus JustFab Black and White Sneakers

Amanda Garrigus Sneakers and a Black Mini skirt



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