A Backless Dress

Amanda Garrigus custom bias cut dress

Consider your back. I don’t think we do so often enough. Instead we favor our legs, our arms, our abs (if they werq for you), our cleavage (if you’ve got some), our bums even, and neglect the scapula, the lumbar, the beautiful back. No more I say! Let’s turn things around (get it?). This dress does the trick. It’s another custom piece, made for me by my dear friend Cornell Collins. I wore it to the Golden Globe awards (more than) a few years ago. (A good piece of clothing will stand the test of time.) From the front it reads as demure, modest even, but then I walk away and, ta-da! Something more. As a rule of thumb if you expose this much in the back, you should cover up the front. Too much is often exactly that. I’ve suggested a few options below so go ahead and give it a try. I’ve got your back.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Cornell Collins Custom Backless Dress

Amanda Garrigus Backless dress shoulder detail

Amanda Garrigus in a Custom backless bias cut dress

Amanda Garrigus black bias cut Cornell Collins dress

High: Elie Saab; Medium: Rory Beca; Low: Nasty Gal

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