Transitions and a Chunky Knit Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Mango Sweater and Zara corduroys

Transitions. Generally speaking I’m not very good at them. But they are inevitable and omnipresent and so I wear my game face and trudge on. One transition that I find exceedingly easy to embrace is the fluid and welcomed move from summer to Fall. To me, it’s the most evocative time of year. My memory ain’t so great lately (a condition I attribute to my life as a world class juggler aka a working and devoted mom of two), but when the Fall air begins to crisp and the light begins to wane, my happy childhood memories come flooding back. Another positive side effect of this seasonal transition is that the fashion Gods greenlight the wearing of cozy sweaters. Oh how I love a cozy sweater! Here I’m wearing a chunky knit pullover from Mango. Taking the Fall theme all the way, I’ve paired said chunky sweater with a forest green corduroy trouser from Zara and a little black boot. This is my happy place. Now if only I could embrace the passage of time with as much grace and enthusiasm. Guess I’ll have to tackle that, one stylish baby step at a time.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Zara Corduroys and a Mango Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Chunky Fall Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Chunky Knit Mango Sweater Detail

Amanda Garrigus Chunky Knit White Sweater

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