World Peace and a MinkPink Cardigan Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Charcoal Grey MinkPink Cardigan Sweater

Do I wish I were having a greater, positive impact on our beleaguered world? Yes. Do I sometimes get bogged down thinking about what I might wear on my world-saving missions? Yup. One has to look the part after all. Amanda Garrigus, international peace keeping woman of mystery saver of children and friend to the forest animals. It has a nice ring to it. So while I’m puzzling out a path to world peace, let me direct your attention to this oversized cardigan sweater from MinkPink. Pair it with a granny boot and a blue steel-stare and you’re ready to brave the elements, tackle the world’s problems, and look fierce while doing it. Are there more important things to focus on than a cardigan sweater made by a seriously cool Australian label? Yes. But I look at it this way; joy, happiness, beauty… the world needs that too. Maybe more than my imagined alter ego. And maybe, if we flood the world with enough positive energy, we can ignite a spark in others and light the way to a better future. I say it’s worth a shot.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus MinkPink Sweater

Amanda Garrigus MinkPink Cardigan Sweater Detail

Amanda Garrigus MinkPink Sweater and a Granny Boot


2 thoughts on “World Peace and a MinkPink Cardigan Sweater

  1. Hi Amanda … Thank you for your inspiring message about world peace, and the lovely photos of your cozy cardigan!!
    All the best from our family to you and yours … Joan, Reg & Kate

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