A Jeans and T-Shirt Homecoming

Amanda Garrigus Superga Sneakers

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas for the very first time. I know you’re wondering, how is it that I live so close to this 8th wonder of the world and have somehow eluded its siren song? Well, until now I must admit it has been something of a point of pride for me to say I’d never darkened the doors of Sin City. But the winning streak has played out and I’ve bitten from the forbidden fruit. Did I love the strip? Define love. I love my dear friends Milo and John who live there. I love a good stage show (Elton John is no slacker, let me tell you); I love to eat delicious food prepared by amazing chefs; and a good dose of retail therapy does wonders for the soul (the superficial parts of it anyway). That said, I came home from my maiden voyage longing for simplicity, calm and pared down everything. Enter a cool pair of jeans, a simple cotton T-shirt, Superga sneaks and my go-to, well-loved Kate Spade bag. Ahhhhh. When I’m in jeans and a T-shirt, it feels like home, and after all, there is no place like it.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Hudson Light Washed Jeans and Black T-Shirt

Amanda Garrigus Hudson Jeans and a Kate Spade Bag

Amanda Garrigus Faded Jeans and a Black T-Shirt

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