Power Dressing in Vintage Stella McCartney

Amanda Garrigus Vintage Stella McCartney dress

I am on a mission to own my power. To celebrate all the many good things about myself the way I do my friends and family, collectively the people I love. This is tough. You see, the bad stuff is easier to believe. (Yes, that is a quote from Pretty Woman, aka the world’s greatest, albeit weirdly misogynistic, chick flick.) But why? Maybe because we ladies are taught, directly or through experience, that to champion ourselves, and to be confident in our great value and worth, is to be pompous or self-centered. That it’s more polite to be deferential, a shrinking violet as it were. And don’t get me started on the challenges we face when trying to absorb, let alone accept a compliment. (See Amy Schumer’s take on the struggle here, but warning, NSFW, or kids, or the very sensitive.) I challenge you to view powerful women, not as fierce, but instead, as manifesting a new normal. Don’t get me wrong, I love fierce as much as the next gal — I mean, check out this vintage Stella McCartney dress I’m wearing(!) — but wouldn’t it be nice if confidence didn’t have to be accompanied by a defensive, primed-for-battle attitude? I’m aiming for longevity here. A measured, sustainable self-love. How’s about you join me? I’ll start you off with this… you look beautiful! Now, just say “thank you” and own it, and I’ll try and do the same.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Stella McCartney pencil dress

Amanda Garrigus wearing vintage Stella McCartney

Amanda Garrigus Vintage Stella McCartney with Crystal Spine

Amanda Garrigus Stella McCartney crystal spine

Amanda Garrigus LACMA Cafe in Stella McCartney

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