When I Need A Little Oomph… Isabel Marant

Amanda Garrigus Isabel Marant Sweater and DL1961 Denim

When I was in my early twenties my sister, Rachel Luttrell, introduced me to a book called The Game of Life and How to Play It, by Florence Scovel Shinn. Aside from the antiquated language, and mildly racist undertones (we forgive because we assume she didn’t know any better), there were many pearls of wisdom worth collecting. The one that most stood out for me, and all these years later I now find myself calling forth with increasing frequency, was the suggestion that staring down your demons is the most effective way to render them powerless. This might sound counterintuitive. Zombie apocalypse descends and imma run the other way, but, in our day to day real lives, I have found that Florence’s bit of advice — echoed by many a wise person, including my dad — holds water. If there is something that terrifies you, don’t bury your head in the sand or hide in the hopes that it will go away. It probably won’t. Stand up, stand strong and stare the MF (sorry kiddies for the tasteless acronym) in the, real or imagined, face. You’ll be amazed how the problem seems smaller, and maybe even melts clear away. At the very least you’ll have a better idea of what you’re facing. When I need a little extra oomph for demon battling, I’ve lately suited up in this Isabel Marant military inspired sweater jacket, here paired with a DL1961 flared jean. A pair of solid boots don’t hurt either.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Isabel Marant and DL1961

Amanda Garrigus Flared Jeans and Navy Jacket

Amanda Garrigus DL1961 Jeans

Amanda Garrigus Isabel Marant Sweater Jacket

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