New Balance and Frame Denim, or Framing the Balancing Act

Amanda Garrigus Frame Denim Black Jeans

A few nights ago I was on the Dolby Theater stage (yes, the one where the Oscars happen. Ah!) lip sync battling my way through Justin Bieber’s monster hit, What Do You Mean. This is not that story. But it is related. At the moment, I’m thinking about balance and how we frame our lives and all too often stay within the confines of those known borders. Lest I sound too preachy, perfect I am not, sympathetic I am. (Yoda I sound like.) I see myself — and I say this with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight; oh youth! So wasted as you are on the young — as someone who has for too many years toed the line, walked the straight and narrow, aimed to please. Don’t get me wrong, it’s arguably been a winning formula, but… But, what about reckless abandon? What about the stuff that memories are made of? What about the moments when we jump on stage in front of thousands of people and silently rip through a chart topping single? Balance is key, but so too is occasionally tipping the scale by jumping outside of the box. I say go for it. Happy landing.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus New Balance Sneakers

Amanda Garrigus Frame Denim and New Balance Sneakers

Amanda Garrigus New Balance Sneaks

Sweater: Forever 21; Jeans: Frame Denim; Sneakers: New Balance

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