The Slip Dress

Amanda Garrigus Silk Slip Dress

The slip dress was one of the most widely agreed upon trends to emerge from the Fall 2015 collections. Everyone from Celine to Rag & Bone sent the barely-there, flowy new-essential down the runway. I can’t say I was happy about it initially. I mean, I didn’t do so well with the trend the first time around in the late ’90s. And don’t let anyone tell you it’s “easy to wear” either. It’s not. Unless you have, a) a model body, b) an “I don’t care” attitude, or c) a whole lotta ruffles down the front of said dress. I fit into category “c”. This vintage piece, swiped from the closet of my friend, the amazing woman and actress Debi Mazar, hides many abdominal sins while still highlighting many a great asset. It shimmers, it flows, it drapes over the body’s contours with just enough suggestion like a good slip dress should. Will you be wearing this trend? Are you in a slip dress as you read this? Do tell!

With love,


Amanda Garrigus silk ruffle slip dress

Amanda Garrigus Black Strappy Sandal and a Slip Dress

Amanda Garrigus Black Slip Dress

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