Happy New Year!

Amanda Garrigus wearing a Kevan Hall gown for New Years Eve

The turning over of a New Year, with all its concomitant dreams, goals and layers of gratitude (“I’m still alive!” “I still have a shot!” “I made it through!”), is the most celebrated of renewals. Oh I’ve been known to celebrate the renewal of my skin cells after a proper exfoliation, but no one is going to toast to that (though some days I would!). Yes, the New Year bring us together as a global community to raise our glasses and our hopes for a better tomorrow. Maybe that means a new job, or a healthier body, or maybe it means more dresses and lipsticks. (I’m wearing Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Infrared here, in case you’re looking.) Whatever you hope for, the New Year offers the promise that it could be yours. So I’m sweeping into 2016 in a gorgeous dress (this one by Kevan Hall), in a gorgeous place, in the hopes that I will proceed as I have begun. May your New Year bring everything you need, and some of what you want, and if you haven’t asked or hoped for it, let me be the first to wish a little glamour into your life (however glamorous it may already be… there’s always room for more!). For Auld Lang Syne, and for our collective bright future… Happy New Year!

With love,


Amanda Garrigus wearing Kevan Hall

Amanda Garrigus wearing a Kevan Hall blue gown

Amanda Garrigus in a Kevan Hall Gown

Amanda Garrigus Kevan Hall Blue Gown Detail

Amanda Garrigus in Kevan Hall Long Blue dress with black lace detail

Amanda Garrigus in Kevan Hall on the steps of the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Amanda Garrigus in a Kevan Hall sleeveless gown

Amanda Garrigus in a long blue Kevan Hall dress

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Coat Tales

Amanda Garrigus Wearing a Black Cornell Collins Coat

There are coats, and then there are coats. You know, the ones that make an impact, that leave a lasting impression. The ones that, when properly worn, are transportive, fire the imagination and boost self-confidence. I know, you think I’m overstating, that I must be prone to superlatives, and you’d be right, about the latter. But I do believe in the power of clothes to transform, and if you’re reading this blog you probably agree with me. This coat, another Cornell Collins masterwork, does all the right things for me. Wearing it here, against this backdrop, I feel like a Lady surveying the land and sky in search of my just-released falcon. (I love a good period piece.) The pinched shoulder, generous collar, narrow sleeve, full body and mid-calf length add up to perfection. If ever there were a piece worth investing in, a great coat is it. See below for a few more of my favorite toppers.

With love,


Amanda Garrigys in a Black Opera Coat

Amanda Garrigus in a Black Cornell Collins Coat

Amanda Garrigus Dramatic Black Coat by Cornell Collins

Amanda Garrigus Cornell Collins Shawl Coat

Amanda Garrigus black shawl coat

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Short and Sweet

Amanda Garrigus Holiday Dress

The time has come… after weeks of anticipation, much sneaking about, and many chocolates consumed, Christmas is finally here! I am doing my level best to sing as many carols and other holiday tunes as I can, to watch as many stop-motion classics as time and patience will allow for, and to basically embody as much Christmas spirit as these five feet, five inches can muster. I really do feel magic in the air. Maybe it’s all just the power of suggestion, or conjured in my head (where sugar plums… ok, scratch that… where chocolate truffles dance), but if it is, so be it. However I come to this most wonderful feeling of connectivity and generosity, of possibility and wonder, I’ll take it. And I’ll share it with you, in my go-to red Forever 21 party dress! (If you’ve ever invited me to a holiday party, then you’ve seen this one before.) Wherever this day finds you, may you too feel the spirit, and may you have a very Merry Christmas!

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Holiday Dressing in Forever 21

Amanda Garrigus Forever 21 Holiday Dress

Amanda Garrigus Red Strapless Dress

Amanda Garrigus Strapless Red Party Dress

Amanda Garrigus Red Forever 21 Strapless Cocktail Dress

Amanda Garrigus Silver Shoe and a Red Dress

Amanda Garrigus Holiday Dressing