A Camel Coat to Love

Amanda Garrigus in a Vintage Camel Coat

I like big coats and I cannot lie. (Said to the rhythm of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “I like Big…”, well you know it or you don’t at this point so I’ll leave this sentence with some modesty intact.) But I do love coats. Soooo much. It’s tough being a LA girl who loves toppers as much as I do. Rare is the opportunity to wear my beloved overcoats here in sunny SoCal, but when the temperature drops below 60, baboom, I am on it! Or in it. Or it is on me. However you slice it, even a hint of nip in the air and it’s on! (Sorry. I’m done now.) This camel coat is a perennial favorite of mine. It’s Edward An, a much beloved and alas, long extinguished brand. To me, the gold buttons are everything. The cut and color and feel come together around these deliciously burnished fasteners to create a military-cum-uptown-meets-downtown bit of sophisticated goodness. A coat just completes me. It just does. They are a simple way to tie together a look with basically zero effort, and that’s a beautiful thing.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Edward An Coat

Amanda Garrigus Vintage Camel Military Coat

Amanda Garrigus Military Coat

Amanda Garrigus Military Camel Coat

Amanda Garrigus Camel Military Coat by Edward An

Amanda Garrigus in Vintage Military Coat

Amanda Garrigus Camel Coat

Other Military coats I love… Barneys New York; Saint Laurent; Michael Kors; Zara

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