Alternative Dressing

Amanda Garrigus holiday party look

The other day at my daughter’s school I overheard a mom telling her son that she might wear a dress to the school’s holiday concert. Her seven year old boy, with all the innocence in the world said, “But mommy, you hate dresses.” Her son called it. She did hate dresses, but she was feeling the pressure to put one on for this celebratory occasion. I say pshaw! Keep your tight pants on! Or loose pants, or whatever pants you feel comfortable in, even if they are full of holes like the ones I’m wearing here. The holidays aren’t a time to forgo everything you know to be true about your personal style, but instead, they’re a time to bring your own brand of festive to the party. I’m not saying you should scoff at tradition, or thumb your nose at decorum, but I do think there’s a happy solution to all your stylish woes. And who wants woes at the holidays? Not me! Be yourself, and then all will be merry and bright.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Distressed Jeans for the Holidays

Amanda Garrigus in Olima top with Ted Baker Envelope Clutch

Amanda Garrigus in Olima, Sergio Rossi, Dylan George and Ted Baker

Amanda Garrigus in Olima top and Sergio Rossi Shoe

Amanda Garrigus Purple Top Purple Clutch

Amanda Garrigus in fluid silk top and Sergio Rossi heels

Amanda Garrigus Silver Platforms and an Envelope Clutch

Amanda Garrigus Holiday Dressing Details

Amanda Garrigus in Dylan George distressed jeans

Top: Olima; Jeans: Dylan George; Clutch: Ted Baker; Shoes: Sergio Rossi

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