Amanda Garrigus in Men's Jacket and Gold oxfords

Paris, if it seems as though I’m always looking for reasons to talk about it, well, you’d be right. And here again, I have a very good one! The Paris Menswear shows are underway in the City of Light. Yippee! And so, in honor of the testosterone-heavy occasion, I’m having a Ruby Rose by way of Madeline menswear moment. This jacket was custom made in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for my father many moons ago (in the 1960s to be precise). It’s the top half of a rather spiffy blue pinstriped tropical wool suit and I love it. The oversized silhouette lends just the right amount of laissez-faire to make it oh-so-casually cool, and a tiny mini skirt and shiny oxford shoe provide the necessary girly touches. Now I’m off to scroll through loads of images of handsome men in stellar designer clothes. All in a day’s work!

With love,


Amanda Garrigus in Navy pinstripe men's jacket

Amanda Garrigus in Menswear

Amanda Garrigus Menswear as Womenswear

Amanda Garrigus Men's Blazer

Amanda Garrigus In her Dad's jacket

Amanda Garrigus Dad's Jacket

Amanda Garrigus in Men's suit jacket

More to love… American Apparel mini skirt; Gap blazer; Esquivel brogues

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