Ich bin ein Berliner

Amanda Garrigus Joe Fresh Sweater and the Berlin Wall LR

I am in LA, standing in front of pieces of the Berlin wall. And because Berlin fashion week is in full swing, I thought I’d tease at it from a distance and situate myself in front of this German artifact. These pieces of concrete, once the enforcers of oppression, now stand in front of so many food trucks as a lovely bit of installation art. But of course they are much more than that. I like to think they also stand as reminders of the certainty of change, and of the power of the human spirit to survive and overcome. So my location is doubly apropos given that today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who inspired and provoked and insisted upon positive change, and in so doing tore down many walls and freed many from lives of injustice and oppression. A little chill in the air drove my sartorial choices; a grey sweater from Joe Fresh, a skinny jean from Joe’s Jeans and an open toed sandal from Dolce Vita (because it is LA after all). Still, contemplating how far we’ve come and how far we have to go gave me a little shiver. I take comfort in knowing that it’s a small world after all (there’s my inner Pollyanna again), and that standing together, we shall overcome someday.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Grey Sweater Balck Jean and the Berlin Wall LR

Amanda Garrigus Joe Fresh Grey Jumper and Frame Denim LR

Amanda Garrigus Grey Joe Fresh Sweater and Black Denim LR

Amanda Garrigus Joe Fresh Jumper and Frame Denim LR

Amanda Garrigus Berlin Wall and a Grey Jumper LR

Amanda Garrigus Berlin Wall and Joe Fresh Jumper LR

More to love… Rag & Bone cashmere sweater; DL1961 skinny jeans; Givenchy boot

The Basics

Amanda Garrigus in Frame Denim and Chloe Crossbody

Jeans, T-shirt, pullover sweater and my Jil Sander combat boots. These are the basic building blocks of my wardrobe. It’s how I dress most days, with slight variations on the theme. The Sander boots have been a mainstay in my life for years. They’ve helped me scale mountains (ok, the Hollywood Hills), and avenues (NYC anyone?), have at once grounded and elevated me, and have generally been my BFFF (best footsie friends forever). This year, thanks to my very generous and amazing husband, I’ve added a new staple into the mix. I call her Chloé. Actually everyone calls her Chloé. She’s my new go-to bag and I love her so. We only met at Christmas but I feel like we’ve known each other forever. The sweater I’m wearing here is Gucci (still another stellar scoop from my friend, Deb Mazar’s closet), and the jeans are Frame Denim. Nothing like getting back to basics to sort oneself out.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Maroon Gucci Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Gucci Sweater and Chloe Bag

Amanda Garrigus Chloe Blue Marci Bag

Amanda Garrigus Gucci Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Cross Body Chloe Bag

Amanda Garrigus Cross Body Bag

Amanda Garrigus Chloe BagAmanda Garrigus Chloe Bag Gucci Sweater

Amanda Garrigus Carrying Chloe Marci Bag in Blue with Maroon Gucci Sweater and Frame Denim Jeans

Amanda Garrigus Chloe Cross Body and Frame Denim

More to love… Nili Lotan Rib-Knit Sweater; Marsèll Combat Boot; AG Cigarette Jeans


Sweeping Views, Dramatic Dress

Amanda Garrigus in a long multicolored Kevan Hall dress

I love a sweeping vista. And whenever I’m faced with one, all sorts of romantic ideas flood my brain. Add to it a dramatic dress and I’m all in. This dress (thank you Kevan Hall), in this place, conjures, for me, visually glorious moments in cinematic history. Scarlett O’Hara surveying her land, Rose at the prow of the Titanic, pretty much any moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (loved it!). Which leads me to, movies! Awards shows! The Golden Globes! All really good reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Aside from Christmas, awards season could be the most wonderful time of the year. Some of the world’s best dresses, on some of the world’s most beautiful and talented people, all for the reason of shinning light on great filmmaking. (Lest you think I’m naive to the financial motivation behind all this pomp and circumstance, let me just say, I choose to take the Pollyanna view whenever possible.) The jury is still out on whether or not I’ll be in attendance at any of these most dazzling of spectacles, but whatever my vantage point, the views are sure to be stunning.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus long multicolored dress

Amanda Garrigus in Butterfly Dress by Kevan Hall

Amanda Garrigus in Kevan Hall Butterfly Dress

Amanda Garrigus in Kevan Hall halter dress

Amanda Garrigus in a halter dress by Kevan Hall

Amanda Garrigus in long Kevan Hall Butterfly dress

More to love… Emanuel Ungaro Short Sleeve Gown; Needle & Thread Scallop Lace Gown; Eliza J Print Chiffon Maxi Dress