Keep it Simple

Amanda carrying Hayward

Don’t overthink it. Anything. Give it some thought, but don’t run yourself in circles. And when in doubt, keep it simple. This is my self talk. I figured I’d share it with you in case you, like me, tend to belabor issues and over consider scenarios. And while for me, getting dressed usually involves instinctual and emotional decision making, I do sometimes find myself caught up in the “I’ve got nothing to wear” conundrum. When this happens, I strip down and dress up in the basics. Here I’m wearing a Forever 21 shirt with Hudson jeans, a boot from a shop I can’t recall (curses!) in Paris and a bag from my friend Marin Hopper’s collection, Hayward. My hair is natural and I’ve kept my makeup fresh and clean. It’s the simplification solution and it never fails.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus in denim carrying Hayward

Amanda Garrigus wearing a Forever 21 shirt

Amanda Garrigus wearing all blue with white accessories

Amanda Garrigus carrying Hayward and wearing Forever 21 and Hudson Jeans

Amanda Garrigus carrying a white Hayward bag

Amanda Garrigus all blue and a silver door

Amanda Garrigus wearing Forever 21 shirt and carrying a Hayward bag

More to love… Hudson jeansPrada Daino Hobo Bag; Forever 21 chambray shirt; Rag & Bone Newbury boot

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