Hiding in Plain Sight

Amanda Garrigus in Black Forever 21 Studed Mini Skirt

It may come as a surprise to you to learn that most days I do my best to hide in plain sight. I slip in and out of the school drop off shuffle in plain clothes and eyes averted. When I’m at the grocery store I do my best not to engage in light conversation over organic produce, and when driving my car, it’s eyes forward, hands at ten and two, mind on my destination. So much is this the case that I’ve lately come to learn that I’ve gained a reputation for being shy. Hahaha! Ehm. Sorry. Momentary outburst. I know it seems an unlikely story given that I’ve chosen to spend much of my work life in front of a camera, but it’s true. I don’t like the spotlight. I prefer to shine the light on other people, my kids for example, or Kim Kardashian if we happen to be sharing screen time, which has happened on more than one occasion (that’s another story). At this point you might stop and say something like, “But, Amanda, you’re wearing the tiniest of skirts, we don’t believe that you aren’t an attention seeking so and so,” and therein lies the rub. When it’s time to dress up, my alter ego emerges. She’s ready to play, all in at the table, an engaging, conversational life of the party kinda gal. Shy I am not, private I am. I keep my cards close to my chest, until it’s game time and then it’s on like, well, a mini skirt on Sunset Boulevard.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus in Studed Mini Skirt on Sunset

Amanda Garrigus Forever 21 Studed Mini Skirt

Amanda Garrigus in Forever 21 Studed Mini Skirt

Amanda Garrigus in Forever 21 Mini Skirt

Amanda Garrigus in Black Studed Mini Skirt

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