Amanda Garrigus Stop Staring Black Pencil skirt dress

A nip and a tuck, a ruching and a ruffle, it’s these elements, and their embellishment brethren, that add interest to a dress, a pant a top or shoe. Sometimes those details roar, and sometimes they make a quieter statement, as is the case with this simple black pencil dress. It’s the dress I wear when I want to be serious, but not severe. Proper, but not prim. It’s my not-so-basic basic dress and I rely on her plenty. We’ve been together a while now and she’s never let me down. Then again she won’t let me eat much when I’m wearing her. Ah well, I suppose all friendships require some compromise and to my thinking, she is most definitely worth it.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Pencil Dress Stop Staring

Amanda Garrigus Stop Staring Dress Detail

Amanda Garrigus Stop Staring

Amanda Garrigus Black Pencil Dress Stop Staring Detail

Amanda Garrigus Black Stop Staring Dress

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