Amanda Garrigus Stop Staring Black Pencil skirt dress

A nip and a tuck, a ruching and a ruffle, it’s these elements, and their embellishment brethren, that add interest to a dress, a pant a top or shoe. Sometimes those details roar, and sometimes they make a quieter statement, as is the case with this simple black pencil dress. It’s the dress I wear when I want to be serious, but not severe. Proper, but not prim. It’s my not-so-basic basic dress and I rely on her plenty. We’ve been together a while now and she’s never let me down. Then again she won’t let me eat much when I’m wearing her. Ah well, I suppose all friendships require some compromise and to my thinking, she is most definitely worth it.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Pencil Dress Stop Staring

Amanda Garrigus Stop Staring Dress Detail

Amanda Garrigus Stop Staring

Amanda Garrigus Black Pencil Dress Stop Staring Detail

Amanda Garrigus Black Stop Staring Dress

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A Trend With Legs

Amanda Garrigus Black Tie-Back Shoes

My husband says he hates rompers. Now, this came as a surprise to me because, I’m over here thinking, what’s not to like?? It’s teeny, it’s tiny, it’s easy and breezy. And it’s a trend that has spread like wildfire. I suppose it could be interpreted as a bunch of grown women parading around in baby clothes, which I will admit is at once unappealing and creepy. But I don’t see it that way. I see it as a way to show as much leg as humanely possible without wearing a bikini (which I can never again wear post babies… small price to pay for the world’s greatest love story). So if showing leg is your thing, then have at it! This little lace number is a nice alternative to a LBD when cocktail hour calls. Accessorize with a statement heel, and a your favorite clutch and you’ll be more babe than baby.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus frame clutch and black romper

Amanda Garrigus in a black lace romper

Amanda Garrigus in a black lace romper with a black and silver clutch

Amanda Garrigus Black Lace Romper

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T-shirt dresses, David Beckham and other Mistakes

Amanda Garrigus wearing David Beckham jersey and sneakers

I had the great pleasure of meeting David and Victoria Beckham some years ago at a dinner party in their honor at the Hotel Bel-Air. We hit it off nicely I think. And he gave me this jersey. Well, his PR gave me, and other media present, identical signed jerseys, but still. I got one. And I have never, no never, worn it. I mean, why would I ever? And where on Earth would it make sense? And then I saw this on And then this on Who What Wear. And so I felt, all of a sudden, that wearing this oversized, endorsement-strewn jersey, without pants, in public, was a great idea. Until I did it. And then I felt ridiculous. It felt like a mistake of epic proportions. The only thing saving my pride was the fact that a camera was trained on me. “Oh, this crazy get up? It’s for a shoot!” Now, I’m not saying you can’t pull off this micro-trend, I’m just saying, proceed with caution. But, as always, proceed you must! As T.S. Eliot once said, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” I think I found out.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus wearing David Beckham's jersey

Amanda Garrigus wearing a David Beckham jersey

Amanda Garrigus in David Beckham jersey

Amanda Garrigus in David Beckham jersey and sneakers

Amanda Garrigus in David Beckham jersey and platform sneakers

Amanda Garrigus in David Beckham jersey and black sneakers