Taking Stock

Amanda Garrigus wearing Everlane and Sass & Bide

Are you sitting down? I am. First, my apologies for not posting on Monday. My loyal readers mean so much to me and I’m sorry I missed our regularly scheduled conversation. But, Sunday was a sad day, for Orlando, Florida, for our nation, for humanity, and I just couldn’t see straight to post pretty pics, business as usual. So I sat down and took stock. This blog is about love, really, in the end. Oh I know it looks like it’s about fashion, and it is, because that’s something I love. But it’s also a forum for free expression, where I try to promote self-love, empathy, the idea that we are all flawed and that makes us amazing. This blog, humble as it may be, gives me a sense of peace, a sense that I’m connected and connecting to a greater good. But sometimes I just need to take a moment to sit and gather myself before picking up again, dusting off and taking that next step forward. Thank you for walking with me through this crazy world, and together, with our shared humanity, making it a little bit better.

With love,


Amanda Luttrell Garrigus wearing Everlane and Sass & Bide

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