A Dreamy Summer Dress

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus wearing a French Connection Summer Dress.JPG

I think somewhere (not so) deep down there is a part of me that longs for life in the bucolic countryside. Not the nitty gritty version that calls for working the land, but the gentrified version where I’m picnicking in golden fields in the morning and dining at Michelin starred restaurants at night. A place like, say, the Hamptons. The closest I’ve come so far is a post college trip to Nantucket with two of my sisters. But I’m holding fast the dream. You’ll not be surprised to hear that my fantasy country life comes with an imagined wardrobe. Breezy but finely crafted summer dresses, pedal pushers, and woven sandals. I realize all this makes me sound like a wanna-be latter-day Marie Antoinette in search of her very own hameau… is that so wrong? (Don’t answer that.) This dress from French Connection is a standout and I’m going to wear it as a beacon for my carefully curated pastoral dreams, may they come true.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus a French Connection Summer Dress

Amanda Garrigus wearing a French Connection Summer Dress

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus in an embroidered French Connection Summer dress

Amanda Garrigus in a bell sleeve embroidered French Connection Dress

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