Military Jacket and a Moment of Peace


I overthink things. I just do. So when I thought about wearing this military jacket, I couldn’t help but consider the symbolism and implications of the now-trendy topper. Am I disrespecting the sacrifices of our men and women in the armed forces if I turn their symbol of pride into a mere trifle that matches my mood on a given day? Worse still, am I sending an aggressive message? (I wasn’t kidding when I said I overthink things.) In the end I decided that if I wear a military jacket with the right intention, a spirit of pride and respect for those who risk everything in defense of peace, then maybe I could get on board. And so here it is. The object of my obsessive ruminating. Reconciled as I am to my peaceful position, I now love it. Plus I decided to wear it halfway, off the shoulder if you will, ’cause it’s a thing right now. Just ask Joan Smalls, or Gigi Hadid.

With love,



Amanda Luttrell Garrigus wearing a military jacket and distressed jeans



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