Pajama Top and the Start of Summer

It’s summertime! At least it feels like it is, what with my oldest daughter being on her summer break and my youngest looking forward to her upcoming camp days. As for me, in spite of world events (which I try with varying degrees of success to push to the recesses of my mind), I too have begun to feel the lightness of being that comes with longer, warmer, easier and breezier days. One of the great benefits of a summer holiday is the chance to rest. Enter the pajama top! This well established trend takes our bedroom favorite and brings it into the light of day. Not much that’s more relaxed and comfortable than that. I think the trend works especially well in the evening, cocktail hour, then you can just fall into bed after a night of summery mischief…

With love,


Amanda Garrigus in pajama top and black Theory pants

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus in pajama top and black skinnies

More to love… Tobi Black and White Pajama Top; Theory Classic Crop Pant

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