I’m Amanda Luttrell Garrigus, a proud Tanzanian/Canadian/American writer, journalist, television host and mom. Happily, I’ve spent most of my life navigating the fun, flashy, inspired and inspiring, mercurial fashion world, albeit under various guises. Magazines were my first love and my entree, and as a magazine editor I’ve lived my dream and worked for titles like Vogue, Allure, and Glamour, and then, after paying many dues, I earned the Editor-in-Chief post at Angeleno magazine in sunny Los Angeles. Television came next, and I loved it too! As a TV Correspondent I’ve had the privilege of interviewing lots of celebrities and fashion designers, and reporting on fashion trends for E! News, Extra, and KTLA. Then, as things tend to go, one thing led to another and I began collaborating with brands including Starbucks for whom I acted as spokesperson at New York Fashion Week. Then I realized another dream and wrote a book, as luck would have it, with my friend Kelly Wearstler. It’s called Rhapsody. And so here I am, adding blogger to my list of titles, and I’m as excited as ever. The fun continues, and I hope you’ll join me!

Oh, and, those lovely pictures on my blog? Superstar photography credit goes to my sister, Erica Luttrell, aka the only person with enough talent and patience for the job.

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  1. Amanda: I loved all the fashions you presented on the KTLA morning news today, but I fell in love with the long, open-weave cardigan. You never mentioned the brand. Could you clue a girl in? I’m thinking I’m needing that cardigan! Thanks so much!! Best, JODI

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