High Waist, Wide Leg Jean aka Let’s Get High and Wasted!

Kidding kids, I do not ever under any circumstances get high or wasted. I’m what is known in the common vernacular as a lightweight. But I prefer to think of myself as pure-as-the-driven-snow-so-as-to-be-uber-sensitive-to-intoxicants. One glass of antioxidant-rich red wine will (usually) do me just fine thank you very much. But I am all over a high-waisted pair of jeans. And if that jean has a wide leg too, so much the better. The pair I’m wearing here has been in rotation in my closet long enough to see the brand rise and fall, so let’s just call them “vintage”. I decided to pair them with a sheer mesh top from American Apparel. The (very) exposed bra is a simple black number from Aerie. I think the pieces play well together creating an overall effect that pushes boundaries just enough to keep things interesting. I will definitely drink to that.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus high waist wide leg jean

Amanda Garrigus American Apparel sheer mesh top

Amanda Garrigus High waist wide leg denim

Amanda Garrigus high waist denim buttons

Vegan Leather Legging and a Case of Wanderlust

I want to travel, and I’ll give you one guess where to. That’s right, Paris! But barring that, London is next on my list. My hubby has never been and it tops his must-visit agenda. The last time I was there I was five and my seven-year-old erstwhile host was demanding I show him mine as a fair reciprocation for his unwelcome share. Shudder. Moving on, I’m ready to make new memories in the British capital. I want to stroll Knightsbridge and Notting Hill, shop high street and have a staring contest with a Beefeater. I want to live like Gwyneth Paltrow one day and Kate Moss the next. Make a pilgrimage to Harrods and to the mecca of fast fashion, aka the Topshop flagship. High tea and underground pubs. You get the idea. Now admittedly I don’t yet have a travel date on the calendar, but what I do have is this nifty T-shirt my sister, Rachel Luttrell, brought back for me from her last trip across the pond. I’m working the “we manifest what we focus on” angle here. Vegan leather leggings from American Apparel and a sample shoe from Creative Recreation’s one-off women’s collection round out the “I’m rolling with Vivienne Westwood’s crew” look. Stay tuned for updates from the front lines of my real, and imagined, travels! Amanda Garrigus - Brit fashion

Amanda Garrigus - London t-shirt

Amanda Garrigus - American Apparel vegan leather legging

Amanda Garrigus - Creative Recreation ankle boots