Shift Dress Shifting Tides

I’m wearing a shift dress in honor of the shifting tides in America. More specifically, in honor of the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage across the nation, declaring with a booming voice heard from sea to shining sea that love is love. With that bold act, many long years in the making, this here world got a little kinder, and lord knows we needed some good news. I’ve been “liking” pictures on social media of my same sex coupled friends and celebrating with them this hard won victory. Do I feel a little less cool today because I’m not gay? A little left out because there are no photos of me kissing a girl and liking it? You bet. But I’m happy to cheer from my hetero sidelines while all my gay besties revel in their deserved spotlight. Truth be known they’ve always been cooler than me anyway. But hey, I’ve got this blue shift dress! All the rage this season dontcha know. As ever and always, I ground myself and express myself through fashion. This dress feels light and playful, just like my heart on this historic occasion. #LoveWins.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus - Blue Shift Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Geren Ford Blue Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Geren Ford Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Blue Mini Dress