Vegan Leather Legging and a Case of Wanderlust

I want to travel, and I’ll give you one guess where to. That’s right, Paris! But barring that, London is next on my list. My hubby has never been and it tops his must-visit agenda. The last time I was there I was five and my seven-year-old erstwhile host was demanding I show him mine as a fair reciprocation for his unwelcome share. Shudder. Moving on, I’m ready to make new memories in the British capital. I want to stroll Knightsbridge and Notting Hill, shop high street and have a staring contest with a Beefeater. I want to live like Gwyneth Paltrow one day and Kate Moss the next. Make a pilgrimage to Harrods and to the mecca of fast fashion, aka the Topshop flagship. High tea and underground pubs. You get the idea. Now admittedly I don’t yet have a travel date on the calendar, but what I do have is this nifty T-shirt my sister, Rachel Luttrell, brought back for me from her last trip across the pond. I’m working the “we manifest what we focus on” angle here. Vegan leather leggings from American Apparel and a sample shoe from Creative Recreation’s one-off women’s collection round out the “I’m rolling with Vivienne Westwood’s crew” look. Stay tuned for updates from the front lines of my real, and imagined, travels! Amanda Garrigus - Brit fashion

Amanda Garrigus - London t-shirt

Amanda Garrigus - American Apparel vegan leather legging

Amanda Garrigus - Creative Recreation ankle boots

White Noise

Sometimes the background noise of our lives (or our blog shoots) can get to be a little bit much. It’s in times like those that I reach into my closet and pull out a clean, simple, breath-of-fresh-air-inspiring outfit. And what says “clean slate” (and maybe, “blank canvas” …but that’s a little ambiguous for me) better than an all white ensemble? Who says “ensemble” anymore?? Apparently I do. But I digress. Here I’m wearing a pair of white lace shorty shorts and a billowy white top which I reason adds a level of sophistication, which might allow you to get away with wearing this look to work. The top and shorts are Forever 21, and the shoes are Creative Recreation from back in the day, four score and seven ago, when they made obsession-worthy, and comfortable (!!) women’s heels. Vanessa Hudgens and I had a girlie moment over these shoes on a photo shoot once. Seems she was one of the chosen few on whom a pair was bestowed. Celebrity endorsed footwear aside, with spring in full swing and summer a hop skip away, I encourage you to give the all white trend a whirl. Just pass on the Pinot Noir and grab the Grigio instead. Salute!

Amanda Garrigus - Forever 21, white lace shorts

Amanda Garrigus - lace shorts, white blouse

Amanda Garrigus lace shorty shorts

sexy shorts, all white outfit, wedge sandals

Forever 21 lace shorts, shorts in white lace,