White Noise

Sometimes the background noise of our lives (or our blog shoots) can get to be a little bit much. It’s in times like those that I reach into my closet and pull out a clean, simple, breath-of-fresh-air-inspiring outfit. And what says “clean slate” (and maybe, “blank canvas” …but that’s a little ambiguous for me) better than an all white ensemble? Who says “ensemble” anymore?? Apparently I do. But I digress. Here I’m wearing a pair of white lace shorty shorts and a billowy white top which I reason adds a level of sophistication, which might allow you to get away with wearing this look to work. The top and shorts are Forever 21, and the shoes are Creative Recreation from back in the day, four score and seven ago, when they made obsession-worthy, and comfortable (!!) women’s heels. Vanessa Hudgens and I had a girlie moment over these shoes on a photo shoot once. Seems she was one of the chosen few on whom a pair was bestowed. Celebrity endorsed footwear aside, with spring in full swing and summer a hop skip away, I encourage you to give the all white trend a whirl. Just pass on the Pinot Noir and grab the Grigio instead. Salute!

Amanda Garrigus - Forever 21, white lace shorts

Amanda Garrigus - lace shorts, white blouse

Amanda Garrigus lace shorty shorts

sexy shorts, all white outfit, wedge sandals

Forever 21 lace shorts, shorts in white lace,

Moto to Love

This is my black vegan leather moto jacket and you may as well get familiar with her because I like to take her out a lot. She’s a supremely versatile date who I can bring just about anywhere and have her fit in quite nicely. Why have I assigned a gender to my jacket? Because she’s worth it! Here I’ve paired the jacket with a textural, sparkly gold, elbow-length-sleeve dress I scooped at Forever 21. I wore this dress to the opening night party of W Magazine’s Shooting Stars photography exhibit here in Los Angeles a few months ago, and let me just say this, when Peter Dundas notices your dress from across a crowded room (for all the right reasons), you’ve done good. Yes, it was the most fun night I’ve had in a loooong time and I give full credit to the frock. These Dolce Vita booties weren’t with me that evening, but as the newest bits of fodder for my shoe fetish, they are here to stay.

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress full length jacket on

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress medium shot

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress medium no face

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress close up

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket off gold dress full length