A Simple Shift

I can’t wear a shift dress without thinking about larger life questions, because, after all, life is constantly shifting. My own life has seen many shifts, most typical, some not. I’ve shifted from childhood to adulthood. (This shift made kicking and screaming and only just recently would I say that I’ve truly matured, though the number of years in my life might suggest otherwise.) I’ve shifted from a free-wheeling, Sex and the City-loving single girl to a somewhat less free-wheeling, Sex and the City-loving married woman. Becoming a mom was without question my greatest life shift. That one left a (few) mark(s), and is my greatest blessing. It hasn’t all been easy, in fact much of it has been bloody hard, but through it all I’ve kept a through line or two, my love of easy breezy dressing among them. Enter the shift dress. This one is from fellow mama and all around superstar Corey Lynn Calter. It has just the right summer-ready combination of sparkle and ease and I feel, when I wear it, a heady sense of possibility. What will life bring next? No doubt a shift in the right direction.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Corey Lynn Calter Gold and White shift

Amanda Garrigus Corey Lynn Calter Shift Dress White and Gold

Amanda Garrigus White Corey Lynn Calter Shift Dress

Amanda Garrigus Corey Lynn Calter Shift Dress Detail

Amanda Garrigus Shift Dress Corey Lynn Calter

Moto to Love

This is my black vegan leather moto jacket and you may as well get familiar with her because I like to take her out a lot. She’s a supremely versatile date who I can bring just about anywhere and have her fit in quite nicely. Why have I assigned a gender to my jacket? Because she’s worth it! Here I’ve paired the jacket with a textural, sparkly gold, elbow-length-sleeve dress I scooped at Forever 21. I wore this dress to the opening night party of W Magazine’s Shooting Stars photography exhibit here in Los Angeles a few months ago, and let me just say this, when Peter Dundas notices your dress from across a crowded room (for all the right reasons), you’ve done good. Yes, it was the most fun night I’ve had in a loooong time and I give full credit to the frock. These Dolce Vita booties weren’t with me that evening, but as the newest bits of fodder for my shoe fetish, they are here to stay.

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress full length jacket on

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress medium shot

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress medium no face

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket and gold dress close up

Amanda Garrigus moto jacket off gold dress full length

Earthy Dressing

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of our Mother Earth, today I’m posting a green-ish look that’s at once grounding and oh so style elevating. I figure the best way to connect with the ground beneath us is to keep our feet firmly planted, thus the flat shoe. These Kenneth Cole sandals go the extra earthy mile with flaxseed-pillow souls. I mean, perfect, right?? The rest of the look is all denim all the time. I feel most myself when I’m in a great pair of jeans, plus I never worry about dirt when I’m in denim. To me it’s the universal “I’m ready for whatever you throw at me!” fabric. This jacket and these shorts are both Joe’s and the necklace, is not Dylanlex. Alas, just a knock off from Forever 21. Is imitation still the sincerest form of flattery?? As further homage to the holiday, I will be using small amounts of water (being that we here in LA are in the midst of a drought, in case you didn’t get the memo), eating many greens, and generally treading lightly. Hope your day is full of beauty! With love, Amanda.

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Denim on denim full length side view

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus denim on denim close up

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Denim on Denim full length fixing hair

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Denim on denim shoes