Love and a White Lace Dress

When I fall in love, I fall hard. And right now, my heart belongs to the white lace dress. My love is evidenced by the fact that I own multiples of this at once trendy and timeless wardrobe must-have. The version I’m wearing here called to me from across a crowded Forever 21. I bought two of them. I wish I’d bought a dozen. They are perfection, and when you find the one, you gotta hoard. I have anxiety over the day when this one is too worn to be, well, worn. Then what will I do?!┬áBut enough about the end, this love affair has only just begun. I’m making memories in this dress that will last a lifetime. I’ve already taken her to the season wrap party for Kingdom (a spectacular TV show my hubby wrote and produced alongside a team of stellar talents); she’s been to Gracias Madre for a birthday dinner and to the opening night of the LA Modernism Show. I like to play with contrast and pair her (yes, I anthropomorphize my clothes) with a black bootie, these ones from a several-seasons-old Alice and Olivia collection. In the immortal words of a one Lana del Rey, who would rock the heck out of this dress btw, “when you find true love it lives on.”

Amanda Garrigus - White Lace Dress

Amanda Garrigus - White Skater Dress

Amanda Garrigus - White Mini Dress

Amanda Garrigus - Forever 21 White Dres