Alexa Chung for AG and Me

Alexa Chung is cool and I am not. But it’s ok, I’m good with it. I’m goofy and overly precise, I laugh and smile a lot and I’m ever and always trying to figure out the etymology of words like “bae” and “on fleek” which, according to my 12-year-old daughter, aka my walking Urban Dictionary, is no longer de rigueur — another term I’m guessing anyone under 30 isn’t using. Ok, under 35, and that’s as high as I’ll go people! If I may continue passing on the wisdom of my preteen… Things are now “fire” or “goals”. But in spite of my lack of cool, I still occasionally stumble upon a nut, like the blind squirrel of my father’s old adage. And here you see, I’ve come up on top with a super cute tee from Alexa Chung’s collab with AG. Did I initially think it said “scared monster” and did I then feel bad for said monster? Yes, but I recovered my wits and got busy pairing the long sleeve shirt with my Topshop skirt and my Urban Outfitters shoe. Success! I might even fool you into thinking I’m cool.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus - Alexa Chung for AG

Amanda Garrigus - Alexa Chung tee Topshop skirt

Amanda Garrigus - Sacred Monster tee

Amanda Garrigus - Sacred Monster t-shirt

Taylor Swift and Crop Tops

Is it provocative of me to say that I am inspired by a one multi-talented, high flying, super cutie named Taylor Swift? Now let’s be clear, I don’t aspire to live her same life O’Reilly (fat chance anyway, right?!), nor do I think she’s without fault (she’s human, hallelujah!), but I do think she writes beautiful music from the heart and she’s out there in the world kicking a@# and taking numbers. Go girl power! I also like to see what she wears as she parades down red carpets and through glossy magazines, and lately I’ve been seeing pics of her traipsing all over NYC in crop tops and little skirts. Et voila! Just like that I’m inspired to try the same. Would I come a step closer to her playful persona if I dress like the country/pop crossover superstar? The answer? A resounding yes! Here I’m wearing a blue lace crop top from Topshop with a black mini skirt, Dolce Vita booties and a little black rubber bracelet I picked up at a Valentino party once upon a long time ago. It’s a win! And thus, giving me still another reason to admire the girl with a thousand lyricized heartbreaks and the world at her feet.

Amanda Garrigus - Topshop top

Amanda Garrigus - Taylor Swift Inspired Look

Amanda Garrigus - Crop top and mini skirt

Amanda Garrigus - Blue Cropped Top

Amanda Garrigus - Crop Top