A Simple Shift

I can’t wear a shift dress without thinking about larger life questions, because, after all, life is constantly shifting. My own life has seen many shifts, most typical, some not. I’ve shifted from childhood to adulthood. (This shift made kicking and screaming and only just recently would I say that I’ve truly matured, though the number of years in my life might suggest otherwise.) I’ve shifted from a free-wheeling, Sex and the City-loving single girl to a somewhat less free-wheeling, Sex and the City-loving married woman. Becoming a mom was without question my greatest life shift. That one left a (few) mark(s), and is my greatest blessing. It hasn’t all been easy, in fact much of it has been bloody hard, but through it all I’ve kept a through line or two, my love of easy breezy dressing among them. Enter the shift dress. This one is from fellow mama and all around superstar Corey Lynn Calter. It has just the right summer-ready combination of sparkle and ease and I feel, when I wear it, a heady sense of possibility. What will life bring next? No doubt a shift in the right direction.

With love,


Amanda Garrigus Corey Lynn Calter Gold and White shift

Amanda Garrigus Corey Lynn Calter Shift Dress White and Gold

Amanda Garrigus White Corey Lynn Calter Shift Dress

Amanda Garrigus Corey Lynn Calter Shift Dress Detail

Amanda Garrigus Shift Dress Corey Lynn Calter

White Dress, Blue Door

Every dress tells a story. This white lace frock has been in my closet for years. It was a gift from my dear friend, super actress and all around style star Debi Mazar, and I’ve treasured it from the start. To me, the white lace adds to the overall luxe feeling and the elbow length sleeve and knee grazing skirt lend elements of sophistication. I think it’s reminiscent of Valentino, but it’s actually H&M! I paired it with a strappy patent vegan-leather sandal and a bow belt and voila! I’m ready for a chic lunch, dinner, or cocktail party. And I do love a good cocktail party! Oh, and that gorgeous blue door? That belongs to Harper, the hair salon of another good friend, Carla Gentile. Love it!






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